Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh God, Rebecca. Another blog you're going to forget about in a few days? And don't say you won't because you always say that!

Ok. Honestly, I do forget about them. I did say I would not forget about That Sh*t's Ugly, and Blogger finally gave me back my posting rights (as you can see, I am posting here!) so that will be updated again very soon with new fashion finds and an interview with S. Jenx.

Yea, yea, ok Rebecca... what's this 12:36 about now?

Ah. 12:36 is going to be my personal blog. Just somewhere that I can place the collective chaos inside my brain every day because I do tend to forget things. It's more for me than you readers out there in internet land, but if you happen to find my musings and images entertaining, then so be it.

So, what will go here. Oh, you know... stuff... about people. And things. I've been thinking about the past a lot, and how I got here to this place where people who I used to be friends with resent me, even after not speaking to me for years, but also a place where a girl who was once called ugly six times in one day is paid good money to stand still. So, I'm going to be looking back at the past decade and see where I went wrong, where I went right, where to cut my losses and where to move on, who to keep and who is long lost.

Of course there will be musings of every day things and pictures, because without some representation of the constant flow of randomness that runs through my brain, well, it just wouldn't be a Rebecca blog!

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